OS Device Management Solutions

We deploy and manage Apple technology at scale.

iPad and iPhone

iPads and iPhones are a great addition to the enterprise. But workflow challenges can arise where devices are regularly provisioned or re-provisioned for the next employee. We offer a layered approach to enable both ease of deployment and rapid changes to configurations as required. Our cloud service, allied to industry standard tools, enables us to provision iOS devices with the correct applications and settings for shared or 1:1 use, whilst ensuring over-the-air (OTA) changes can be made to the device without the need for re-provisioning. We offer a fully automated service for the provisioning of iOS devices, ensuring supervision – all from the cloud.

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Maintaining a standardised device configuration across multiple devices is all-important. User experiences should be the same for all, whilst support teams require a common base point to start from when troubleshooting issues. Devices managed by us have a dynamic configuration that can be changed and deployed in minutes. Ensuring this level of standardisation used to involve monolithic imaging, which was both time-consuming and expensive. Not anymore Talk to us about our Mac configuration services.

Device Enrolment Programme (DEP)

Business device management is an important issue.  Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme now enables organisations to supervise iOS devices, providing a higher level of mobile device management.

Supervision offers:

  • Web content filtering
  • Restricting access to iMessage
  • Restricting access to Game Centre
  • Single app mode

Mobile Device Management can also be enforced at the setup stage. This means your companies devices are locked, so if an employee needs to reset their device, they can get back to the correct settings easily.

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